About Us

RDC consists of married duo Tyler and Charis Rountree. We both have always been artistic and creative all throughout our lives, but it was mainly channeled into music. It wasn't until we both were at music college, ironically, that we realized our love and passion for art and design. We have spent our days since then honing our skills, continually learning more about our craft, and ultimately creating designs and illustrations that we love. We bring to the table different sets of skills from lettering and calligraphy to logo design and digital illustration and pull it all together to make a perfect piece for our clients. For more info on what we do check out our process and our services.

Meet Tyler

Hi, I'm Tyler Rountree. I was born and raised an Oregonian, went to music college in Memphis, Tennessee, married a beautiful Texan woman, and now run RDC back in the Pacific Northwest. I have been designing logos and random things here and there for friends and family on the side for over four years now and I decided it was time to go all in. Design is something that I have spent a lot of my time to learn on my own and I have developed a passion for it over the years.
     Let me share with you a little bit of who I am. I am a husband to the most amazing, beautiful, creative woman in the whole world and a proud dog-owner of a puggle/shihtzu named, Luna. I love to be outdoors (ironically being a designer who works behind a computer all day), I love reading, rock climbing, biking, playing/writing music, watching movies and TV shows, hanging with my friends (doing anything), eating good food, drinking good coffee/tea/beer, dreaming big, encouraging others, Apple products, art, music, and trying to make moments everyday. 




Hi, I'm Charis Rountree. I grew up in a musical family and I always thought I wanted to have a job in the music industry. I went to college for music business, thinking I would be an artist manager, touring the US with different bands or maybe manage my own studio someday. I thought discovering new bands and helping them grow sounded like the coolest job ever. Turns out, I didn’t love it. 
I began learning hand lettering and calligraphy and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I decided after college that I would just learn as much as I could about hand lettering, design, typography, and calligraphy. So I have spent the last four years doing exactly that.

My dream job is one where I can do the things I love from home with the people that I love. When I’m not drawing, writing, or designing, I’m rock climbing, exploring new places with my husband Tyler, snuggling with our dog Luna, reading, doing yoga, knitting, or learning how to do something new.

In need of calligraphy or hand-lettering go to www.charisrountree.com.