About Us

RDC consists of married duo Tyler and Charis Rountree. We have both always been artistic and creative all throughout our lives, but for the most part it was mainly channeled into music. It wasn't until we both were at music college, ironically, that we realized our love and passion for art and design. We have spent our days since then honing our skills, continually learning more about our craft, and ultimately creating designs and illustrations that we love. 

We bring to the table different sets of skills from lettering and calligraphy to logo design and digital illustration and pull it all together to make each piece a unique and quality product. 


What We Do

Rountree Design Co. is a full service graphic design and illustration studio that serves a wide range of customers in the creative field, ranging from businesses to individuals. Our services include:

-Brand and Identity Development

-Print and Poster Design

-Custom Illustration

-Apparel Design

-Product, Merch, and Packaging Design